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Pricing-Guideline Engine

Coast 2 Coast Funding Group's Pricing-Guideline Engine has been developed and put together for our "Preferred" Originating Partners meeting our expectations in the following areas: Loan Quality, Loan Volume/Consistency, Overall Originator's Performance and Product Variety Utilized.

Should you be an approved Originating Partner and do not currently have access to Coast 2 Coast Funding Group's Pricing-Guideline Engine, please feel free to contact the secondary marketing department or management to discuss what you can do to gain access.

Please note: Whether or not you qualify for Coast 2 Coast Funding Group's "Preferred" Originating Program, your business is always appreciated and valued!


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Closing Cost Guarantee

 "Closing Cost Quote Guarantee" means that Coast 2 Coast Funding Group's fees for your loan application will not change between the time you apply and the time you close, assuming the following: The loan amount does not change, the rate and points option you choose does not change, the loan program you applied for does not change, any stated items on your application, such as your stated income, assets, job history, address history, or any other factor that may affect the underwriting decision of the loan you applied for do not change.

24/7 Service

"24/7 Service" means that Coast 2 Coast Fundng Group has loan officers staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week, execept for all legal holidays or at any time that Coast 2 Coast Funding Group may choose to close for any purpose.  Other departments such as signing, servicing, loan processing, etc., are not staffed 24 hours a day and are generally available only during normal business hours.

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