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Mortgage Checklist

Application Documentation Checklist

All Borrowers

  1. Complete residence history for the prior two years.  This must include addresses, exact dates, landlord name and phone number if applicable.
  2. Copy of current Driver's license and Social Security Card.
  3. Complete employment history for the prior two years.  This must include employer name, full address with zip code, phone number and exact dates of employment.  (Must have a human resources contact and phone number.  No cell phone numbers and no post Office boxes)
  4. Copies of the last 30 days of paycheck stubs.  These must be concurrent check stubs evidencing name, social security number, year to date pay and employer name.
  5. Copies of all W-2 statements covering the last two years of employment.
  6. Copies of the last two years federal income tax returns including all pages and schedules.
  7. If divorced, must provide a complete copy of the divorce decree.
  8. Two months statements on each checking, savings, investment, retirement or other asset account.  (This Must Include All Pages)
  9. Sale of current residence - provide a copy of the settlement statement (HUD-1) to document sale of home and/or funds to close and release from current mortgage.

Self Employed Borrower & Borrower With Ownership Interests Greater Than 25%

  1. For all entities where the borrower owns 25% or more interest, complete corporate/partnership tax returns must be provided for prior two years.  If the ownership interest is in a partnership, the K-1 must be provided as well.
  2. Year to date profit and loss must be provided for all interests where there is a 25% or greater ownership interest.
  3. Name and phone number for CPA must be provided.
  4. Any loans reporting on personal credit reports but that are paid through the company must be validated with 12 months canceled checks.
  5. Copy of business license if tax return is self-employed.

Multiple Property Owners

  1. Current lease agreements on all properties held for rent or 2 years complete income tax returns.
  2. Validation of tax and insurance payment amounts on all properties held for rent if not providing tax returns.

Purchase Transactions

  1. Complete and fully executed sales/purchase contract.
  2. Name and phone number of real estate agent representing the purchaser.
  3. Contract closing date agreed upon by all parties and included in purchase contract.
  4. Name and phone number of escrow and title company if not indicated within the contract.
  5. Name and phone number of insurance agent.

Refinance Transactions

  1. Copy of payment coupon and/or name, address and loan number for existing mortgage.
  2. Copy of homeowners insurance.
  3. Copy of original note and settlement statement (HUD-1) when home was purchased.

Current Renters

  1. Name, Address and Phone Number of current landlord.
  2. 12 months canceled checks to validate rental history may be required.

Student or Student Loans

  1. Copies of transcripts or diploma if borrower has been in school within the prior two years.
  2. Name, address, phone number and loan number for student loan servicer to validate deferral period. (FHA/Government financing only)

Updated: April 29th, 2010

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Closing Cost Guarantee

 "Closing Cost Quote Guarantee" means that Coast 2 Coast Funding Group's fees for your loan application will not change between the time you apply and the time you close, assuming the following: The loan amount does not change, the rate and points option you choose does not change, the loan program you applied for does not change, any stated items on your application, such as your stated income, assets, job history, address history, or any other factor that may affect the underwriting decision of the loan you applied for do not change.

24/7 Service

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